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mikeworking2-300x300“Bass Craft Crankbaits”, located in Monett Missouri is the brainchild of Michael Conrad. Michael has been an avid fisherman and outdoorsman since an early age. He learned to fish in Iowa, Georgia, and Missouri farm ponds, streams, lakes, and rivers. Michael is also a serious competitor when it comes to tournament bass fishing. He has done well in local and regional tournaments, and is a member of many tournament organizations. Table Rock Lake in SW Missouri is his home lake and he knows it very well.


If Michael is not in the office designing a new lure, or in the shop making lures, then you will most likely find him at the lake, where he’ll be tuning his fishing skills, and testing his lures. His love for bass fishing and his attention to detail can be seen in each one of his hand crafted balsa baits.mikeworking1-300x300
Michael began building fishing lures in 1991 when he successfully produced spinnerbaits, buzz baits, and bass jigs under the brand “Leisure Time Tackle”. In 2007 Michael took on a new venture developing and offering balsa crankbaits that were traditional in design. Due to his years of training and experience as a design engineer, those skills have translated into one of a kind lure designs unlike anything on the market today.

With the aid of 3D modeling software and CNC controlled machinery; Michael has incorporated features into his lures that surpass other traditional balsa baits. Michael has adapted new technologies and advancements, only previously found in plastic crankbait body designs. From the realistic 3D eyes, gill plates, and fins, to the sleek aggressive body style, these baits are in a league of their own, and much more durable than a traditional balsa lure.mikeworking3-300x300

“I proudly make my baits one at a time, and I expect them to perform to perfection, and you can too!”

Michael Conrad





Bass Craft Crankbaits, LLC